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Hannes & Theres

Hannes & Theres

Neudorf Mushrooms is a small, unique company situated in the historic Moutere area specialised in growing mycorrhizal mushrooms in a symbiotic relationship with different tree specimen. We were the first commercial growers of the Saffron milk cap in New Zealand and are supplying most of them to restaurants in the Nelson region and on the Farmers Market. We also produce a range of other mushroom products, including an aromatic, air-dried mushroom mix containing Birch bolete, Larch bolete, Slippery Jack, Pine bolete and Painted Suillus.

In 2011 we planted 400 radiata pines infected with Porcini (cep, Steinpilz), in between our Chestnut orchard, which we are anticipating to fruit in 3-5 years. In total there are more than 1800 trees planted for the production of mushrooms.

We also have a small truffiere in waiting.

The fresh Saffron milk caps are available, weather permitting, from mid-March till early June.

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