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We bring the Umami from our forest to your plate. Our family business grows spray and fertiliser free Wild Mushrooms in sunny Nelson and delivers New Zealand wide. Take a look at our products.

Image of Traditional Wild Mushroom Soup

Traditional Wild Mushroom Soup


Image of Wild Mushroom Mix - 20g

Wild Mushroom Mix - 20g


Image of Wild Mushroom Pasta

Wild Mushroom Pasta


Image of Wild Mushroom Risotto

Wild Mushroom Risotto


Image of Wild Mushroom & Herb Salt Refill

Wild Mushroom & Herb Salt Refill


Image of Wild Mushroom & Herb Salt with Shaker

Wild Mushroom & Herb Salt with Shaker


Image of Flaky Seasalt

Flaky Seasalt

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Image of Pickled Saffron milk caps

Pickled Saffron milk caps

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Image of Wild Mushroom Mix - 100g

Wild Mushroom Mix - 100g

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About Neudorf Mushrooms

Neudorf Mushrooms is a small family-owned company situated in the historic Moutere specialising in growing mycorrhizal mushrooms in a symbiotic relationship with different tree specimen. What used to be an old deer farm in 2001 is now a mushroom producing forest/orchard with almost 6000 trees planted over the years.

Neudorf Mushrooms was the first commercial grower of the Saffron milk cap in New Zealand and are supplying customers all over New Zealand and at the Nelson Farmers Market on Wednesdays. The fresh Saffron milk caps are available, weather permitting, from April till early June. In addition to the Saffron milk cap mushrooms Neudorf Mushrooms also grow Birch bolete, Larch bolete, Slippery Jack, Pine bolete, Painted Suillus which they dry and mix together to a wild mushroom mix. This aromatic mix is delicious in soups, gravies or risotto and can be added to any savoury dish. We also have a small Truffiere with Perigord and Borchii.

Over time we have extended our range of products and now supply Fresh Mushrooms, Mixed wild Mushrooms, Pickled Saffron milk caps, Mushroom Soup Mix, Risotto and Pasta Mix, Wild Mushroom & Herb Salt as well as fresh Chestnuts in season (April) and Chestnut flour while stock lasts.

Photograph of hands holding several small mushrooms.
Photograph of a birch forest with yellow autumn colours.
Photograph of young Saffron Milk Cap mushroom in grass.


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